Last year my ribs were broken, twice. Not two ribs, but two different incidences. The first happened when my friend Freddie and I were sprinting across First Avenue in Pioneer Square, when he decided to stop… and I flew into him on the sidewalk. Hard. He didn’t soften the blow, and I felt like… read more »

Hey there fans of Scooter the Shooter.  All six of you so far.  Yesterday I spent much of the day setting up  a compact headshot section in my studio (Dreampop Studio) for a whole load of corporate head shots. Boring boring you are snoring. Well today at 5am I decided to kickoff what I… read more »

My name is Scooter. More about that later. For now I’ll just whip out my first entry with a short who, what, when, and where, and keep everyone in stitches with why.  Ready? This is my Pa. His name is Hoot Ozmar Lowrimore:                   He was… read more »